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Boston MA Lock ShopWho has a key to your home? It’s a simple question that might give you pause for alarm if you consider all the possibilities. This especially holds true for apartment renters. Consider all the folks who have come before to live in the space you’re living in now. You don’t really have a clue about who these folks are or how they lived their lives. For the most part, when someone moves they leave the keys behind but there is no guarantee of that. There is also no guarantee that all the copies have been collect. What about handing out keys to dog walkers? Cleaning services? Handymen? Boyfriends? Girlfriends? House sitters? There could be several duplicate keys of your home floating out there. The only safe option is to start from scratch with a lock replacement.

Lock replacement isn’t as complicated a process as you might think especially when you can call upon the trained professionals working for Boston MA Lock Shop. Most of the hard work of a lock replacement has already been done in the sense that the hole in your door has been cut out. The trick is finding the right lock to fit that space. The Boston MA Lock Shops will have the right tools and proper lock replacement kits to fit just about any type of lock. As part of our same day service, those door locks can be swapped out in a matter of minutes.

If you live in an apartment, you have the right to have a new lock placed on your door once the previous tenant has moved out. You will probably have to give a duplicate key to your landlord as part of your rental agreement but at least you’ll know from that moment forward just who has a key to your apartment: You and the landlord! In many cases, you could be reimbursed for swapping out the locks. Check with your landlord before calling Boston MA Lock Shop to make sure. Even if you don’t get reimbursed, you’ll find that the pricing offered by Boston MA Lock Shop is extremely affordable and a small price to pay for such extended piece of mind.

Another area of “key concern” should be with your business. How many former employees have keys to your business? If an employee leaves on good terms and turns over their key then you might not have anything to worry about. But what about the disgruntled employee who left the company under less than desirable circumstances? Would that have an ax to grind? You can rectify that situation with a same day lock replacement service offered by Boston MA Lock Shop.
Don’t worry about keeping track of all your keys. Get brand new secure locks from Boston MA Lock Shop and you’ll sleep soundly tonight!

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